M.A. Concentration in Old Testament

This specialization focuses on the study of Old Testament and is intended as a course of study for those with a particular interest in Old Testament, for those interested in pursuing further graduate studies in this field, and for those who wish to use this concentration as a grounding for specific congregational or community service.

Sample Concentration Courses:

(Note: The courses below may not all be required.  In some cases, students select one or more courses from a longer list as a means of fulfilling a requirement.) See the online catalog for more details.

LG0110  Biblical Hebrew (Full course)

An introduction to Hebrew grammar and syntax.  Reading and analysis of selected Old Testament text explore the nature of translation and its relation to interpretation.  In doing so, students come to see themselves as active participants in the work of interpreting Old Testament texts.  Help is given in effective use of digital and print resources such as grammars, lexicons, and concordances.  Mastery of basic vocabulary stressed. 


LG4127  Reading Hebrew (Full course)
Reading of selective passages from the Old Testament designed to provide the student with a working knowledge of biblical Hebrew through continued study of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.


OT1126  The Bible and Empire (Full course)
A study of the ways empire is portrayed in the Bible, as well as ways the Bible has been used in modern imperial projects.  Particular attention is given to ancient Israel as both colonizer and colonized, to the Bible as a product of an imperial context, and to biblical notions of the kingdom of God.  The course also engages a sampling of the history of interpretation of the Bible in the European colonialism of the fifteenth through nineteenth centuries. 


For a complete list of courses and more thorough curriculum and concentration detail, see the online catalog.