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Alumni Stories

Masresha Chufa

There is such intense scrutiny of Islam in the United States these days that one might think Americans were unaware of its practice in this country until the Sept. 11 attacks.

But for Masresha Chufa, '05, the co-existence of Islam and Christianity was not only the focus of his education at Luther Seminary, but a fact of life in his native Ethiopia for centuries. Relations between the two religions are peaceful, he said, a status he hopes his training will help maintain.

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Mary Lou Baumgartner

King of Kings Lutheran Church
New Windsor, NY

I've come to learn how important it is to celebrate Sabbath, to draw boundaries around time, and to nurture myself as a daughter of God so I can continue to be a servant of God.

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Hal Dragseth

President, Seraphim Communications
St. Paul, MN.

There is a great deal of noise in the culture that pumps out louder sounds and more active and eye-catching images. There is, however, a deep desire to hear and see stories that connect our heart to the heart of God.

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Mary Bosell

Associate Pastor
Burlington Lutheran Church
Burlington, Wash.

Mary Bosell has been on quite a ride since she graduated from Luther Seminary. While she now serves as associate pastor at Burlington Lutheran Church in Burlington, Wash., parish ministry wasn't always the first option in Bosell's mind.

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Stephanie Coltvet

Associate Pastor
Lutheran Church of the Transfiguration
Bloomington, MN

Many people might think that seminary students are very serious and focused on what they're doing. That's true ... but at the same time they know how to have fun. They're regular people just like everybody else.

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Becky Swanson

Becky Swanson, '05, served as a church musician for 20 years before enrolling in the master of sacred music program at Luther Seminary. What prompted her, after all that time, to pursue the degree? Some people get a nudge by the Holy Spirit, she said. She, on the other hand, needed an anvil, she explained, laughing.

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Todd Hawkins

Master of Divinity, '03

Seminary life presents opportunities to marriage. My wife was very supportive of me becoming a pastor. Her encouragement meant a great deal to me. Though it wasn't always easy, seminary brought us closer and enriched our love for each other.

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Krista Lind

Director of the Student Resource Center
Luther Seminary

My being an AIM gives the church an opportunity to affirm the gifts I see in myself and to know that I am not alone.

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Kris Linner

Associate Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church
Stillwater, MN

The 'still small voice' within would no longer be still. My thought was that I would go to seminary and get this yearning for studying theology out of my system and 'get back to my life.' Well, here I am many years later loving ministry.

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Deborah Hutterer

Executive Director
Augsburg College
Minneapolis, MN

The prospect of embarking on a four-year seminary education can be daunting. But imagine adding a four-year undergraduate degree requirement to that. That's what Deborah Hutterer (M.Div. 2004) faced when colleagues encouraged her to go into the preaching ministry.

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