2013 Alum in Residence: Leland Armbright, '05

About Pastor Armbright

Pastor Leland Armbright, '05, joined the alumni council in 2006 while serving at a two-point parish near Moorhead, Minn. By 2009, Armbright was chairing the council.

In this leadership role, he encouraged many of his peers to serve as the alumni-in-residence at Luther Seminary. The alum-in-residence stays on campus for approximately one week and preaches in chapel, speaks in seminary classes, meets with faculty members, visits formally and informally with students and eats meals in the dining room. Now that he's stepped down from the chair, Armbright only needed to look in the mirror to fill the role for 2013.

Armbright, who earned a Master of Divinity at Luther Seminary, now serves Mountain View Lutheran Church, one of the largest congregations in the ELCA that is located just outside Phoenix.

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