Record Group 6: Scandinavian Augustana Synod


The Augustana Synod was formed from pietist Scandinavian elements in the new land. Initially a union of Swedes, Norwegians, and Danes, the Scandinavian Augustana Synod again split in 1870 leaving the Swedes with the remainder of the Augustana Synod and forming the Norwegian-Danish Augustana Synod. The group pioneered in ecumenical efforts, but records are scanty, merely the annual reports for the period 1861-1889. In 1890 the Norwegian-Danish Augustana Synod was absorbed in the founding of the United Norwegian Lutheran Church.

Conference, Reports, 1870-1889 2 cu. ft.
President, Copybook, 1887-1890 3 vols.
Financial matters, 1882-1889 3. ''
Journal, 1882-1889 1 vol.
Congregations 1874-1885 2 vols.
Trustees, Minutes, 1870-1886 1 vol.
Constitution, 1876 1 fol.
Publications, 1877-1884 1 fol.
Documents, 1874 1 fol.
Picture, Annual meeting, 1886 1 fol.