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Students gather in Olson Campus Center coffeeshop

Fine Arts Collections

Discover Luther's art collection

Luther Seminary is the recipient of several important religious art collections. These materials, in a wide range of formats, are displayed on campus in formal gallery spaces as well as in general public areas.  Approximately 40% of the collection is on view at any time, with a rotational program in place to move the pieces through the gallery and public spaces on a regular basis.
Among the artists whose work is highlighted are John August Swanson, He Qi, Cephas Wong and James Quentin Young. Particularly important and inspiring is the Prodigal Son Collection with some 250 art pieces interpreting the Biblical parable in visual terms.
Large portions of the collection are available to be used in both classroom and online instruction. It is intended to be a "working collection". Please contact Paul Daniels, Head of Arts and Archives, at for questions about the collection and its use.