Online Resources for Biblical Studies

Some of these links, prepared and maintained at Luther Seminary, relate directly to the work of the Bible Division. Other links have been prepared and are maintained by persons elsewhere. While the Bible Division and its members cannot endorse all that those links provide, they have found them to be helpful for themselves and students.

General Resources

Luther Seminary Library

The Luther Seminary library offers a wealth of resources for Biblical Study, including online journals, databases, software as well as print materials and services.


This site has an easy-to-use "Search the Bible" electronic concordance keyed to several English versions and another search engine for entering keywords on other subjects related to the Christian faith.

New Testament Gateway

This site, maintained by Mark Goodacre of the University of Birmingham in England, offers links to hundreds of other sites offering resources for New Testament studies.

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies

This resource, compiled by Professor Torrey Seland at Volda University College in Norway, provides access to many online tools for the study of early Christianity.  Included are texts (biblical and other) and essays on biblical studies in general and the Mediterranean social world in particular.

The Unbound Bible

This resource provides search capabilities for English, Greek, Hebrew, and other versions of the Bible, plus links to lexicons and other resources for biblical study.


Changing constantly under the supervision of Jenee Woodard, Jackson, Michigan, this site is devoted to studies of the text for the week in the Revised Common Lectionary.  Links to various helps and worship resources are provided, including biblical art.

Electronic New Testament Educational Resources

Both general and specialized topics are treated at this site, which is maintained by Professor Felix Just, S.J., of Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. These include history, geography, words, outlines of New Testament books, and much more.

Writings of the Early Christian Fathers

This site provides texts of the Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene Fathers and word and phrase searches.

Review of Biblical Literature

This resource, sponsored by the Society of Biblical Literature, presents reviews of books in biblical studies and related fields.

the writing and style guide

The Writing and Style Guide is a guide for the writing of academic papers (from research papers to Ph.D. theses), based on The Chicago Manual of Style and other resources, adapted for use at Luther Seminary.

Advanced Resources

Perseus Digital Library

This site is maintained by Professor Gregory Crane and others at Tufts University. It provides texts of classical and other literatures (Greek and Latin) and secondary sources for the study of antiquity.

Society of Biblical Literature

Founded in 1880, this is the major organization of biblical scholars in North America, which now has membership also from other countries. Many online resources it provides are for members only (with a login), but others can be accessed by anyone.