Candidacy FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where Can I Get a  copy of Vision and Expectations for ordained ministry?

You can read the document, Vision and Expectations, on the ELCA Web site.

I'm a first year ELCA MDiv student and I have not yet begun the candidacy process. What should I do?

It is important to be in contact with your synod as soon as possible to begin this process. Your admission to the MDIV program at Luther is provisional until a positive entrance decision is received.  You have one semester to complete this process or a hold will be placed on your registration. To find contact information for your synod, visit the Synods page on the ELCA Web site.

Also, explore the ELCA's Web pages on candidacy.

When am I ready for endorsement?

The ELCA candidacy manual instructs us that one is ready for endorsement when they have completed approximately one year of study (assuming you are studying full time). It is your responsibility to determine when that time is in your course of study. Many candidacy committees come to campus in October for endorsement interviews and the majority of interviews happen at this time. One must be endorsed before going on internship.

When should I do CPE?

Many synods require CPE prior to endorsement. Be in contact with your synod to find out their requirements. Information about CPE sites can be found in the Contextual Learning Office on the third floor of Northwestern Hall or on their website

Who is on my candidacy committee?

The candidacy committee you will work with is made up of lay and clergy from the synod where your ELCA congregational membership is located.