Candidacy Advice and Encouragement

Here is our Top Ten list of ELCA Candidacy Advice and Encouragement based on student's experience in the process.

10. Each synod has its own peculiarities

Find out your synods expectations and seek to fulfill them.

9. Develop a relationship with your faculty advisor

They can better represent you when they know you.

8. Attend synod assembly and candidacy retreats

Remember- it's about relationships.

7. Keep in touch

Write your liaison, synod staff person or candidacy committee chair at least once a semester and fill them in on how things are going.

6. Keep a file copy of all correspondence

Follow up phone calls with a letter with your understanding of the conversation.

5. Do CPE as soon as possible

Many candidacy committees require CPE prior to endorsement. Waiting to fulfill this expectation often stalls the candidacy process. Do it soon!

4. Find out about all the rosters of the ELCA

These folks will be your colleagues in ministry.

3. Take responsibility for all paperwork

This includes CPE and internship or field experience reports, transcripts and essays.

2. Turn to the Student Services office if you get stuck

Krista Lind, Director of the Student Resources and Candidacy is available for candidacy problem solving.

1. Respect the process