What is endorsement?

The endorsement step in the candidacy process "serves to encourage and affirm those who clearly demonstrate the gifts and qualities for a specific ministry in this church. The areas of development that will be addressed are: Understanding of call to ministry; Spiritual growth and faith commitment; Educational and theological wisdom; Personal and Interpersonal skills." (ELCA Candidacy Manual, p.93)

Endorsement is the second step in the ELCA candidacy process.

How do I know if I am ready for endorsement?

  • First, you must have a positive entrance decision. Be sure you have complied with the direction given by your committee in your entrance documents.
  • One is considered ready for endorsement after the equivalent of one year of full time study. It is the student's responsibility to review their transcript to see if approximately this much coursework has been completed.
  • Many synods require that CPE be completed before endorsement. Be in contact with your synod to find out if this is true for your synod.
  • A positive endorsement decision by the candidacy committee is required prior to an ELCA internship or supervised field experience placement. If you plan to begin internship summer or fall, you should consider completing your endorsement interview the previous fall.

Do I need to write an essay?

  Yes! Download endorsement essay here

When is it due?

The essay is to be submitted by September 1 (for fall endorsement) or at another time as designated by your candidacy committee.

Where do I send it?

Send one copy to your synod office and one copy to the Student Resource Center at Luther Seminary (src@luthersem.edu). The seminary copy will be distributed to your candidacy mentor.

How do I get scheduled for an interview?

To request an interview for fall 2013, fill out the Endorsement Request Form.

When do endorsement interviews normally take place?

Most candidacy committees will be on campus to interview students during fall reading days. In 2013, reading days are Tuesday and Wednesday, October 15 and 16. Some committees will come at other times as schedules permit. The Student Resource Center works with the synod candidacy committee and the faculty to make arrangements for the interview. If you choose to have an endorsement interview at a time other than the fall, you will need to coordinate that directly with your synod candidacy committee.

What will happen at the interview?

The candidacy process calls for a panel interview conducted by two members of the candidacy committee and a member of the faculty (usually your candidacy mentor). The panel will make a recommendation to the synod candidacy committee. The committee then makes the final decision regarding endorsement for ordained or lay rostered ministry.

How should I prepare for an endorsement interview?

This is a video of a conversation with faculty, synod and student representatives talking about the interview and ideas for preparation.

Watch this video.