The Story

The Story magazine includes information on major events at the seminary, connects alumni to each other, reports on the academic activities of faculty and staff, and provides news and articles relevant to ministry and the growth of the church. Produced three times a year, The Story enjoys wide distribution to alumni, donors, churches, synod offices and other friends of the seminary. The Story is also available online.


E-lert is a monthly email newsletter sent out to alumni, donors and other friends of the seminary. It provides news you can use regarding events and educational opportunities, including links to the seminary website for further information. Sign up for E-lert online.

God Pause

Looking for spiritual refreshment? God Pause email devotions are short, meaningful reflections on the following Sunday's lessons and gospel delivered directly to your email box. By Sunday, you'll be ready for an extra meaningful worship experience.

Devotion writers are Luther Seminary alumni. Their reflections are a gift to you and to the church.

Seminary Events

The Marketing and Communications Office designs and publishes print and electronic media to announce and supplement seminary events and programs.

Degree programs, special exhibits, lecture series, concerts and Convocation events all rely on the Marketing and Communications Office to produce high-quality print and electronic materials.