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Cross-Cultural Education: New Immersion Experiences Available in Atlanta, Palestine, Nazareth, Bethlehem

Check out our new Cross-Cultural Education options!

Urban Plunge
Lutheran Theological Center in Atlanta
January 11 - January 22 2014

The Urban Plunge is an annual urban immersion experience that offers a realistic and practical look at systemic issues which are problematic in our society. Participants will have the opportunity to view urban life and cities as places of the arts, learning, music, entertainment and commerce. Plunge participants will discover how urban areas are frequently purveyors of societal values. At the same time, urban life in the United States is also rife with division, brokenness, violence, greed, widespread decay and indifference. As metro populations are at once affected by a breakdown of family structures and despite dramatic changes throughout the world, the widening economic disparity between the rich and the poor continues. Urban areas as will be seen, are divided between the rich and poor, the powerful and the powerless. The need to educate leaders who are willing to examine causes of brokenness and justice issues increases. The church of Jesus Christ is sent into the city to preach, teach and bring healing in His name for the sake of the gospel and for the sake of the world.

Seminarians will have on-site engagement in urban community work, church ministry, and government.  Experienced urban leaders will model, train, and supervise ministry experience over the course of several days.  Students will meet with urban opinion leaders and hear their personal philosophy of operation, ministry, and view their leadership styles, and insights into the urban landscape.  Daily reflections are enhanced by practical application in these urban contexts.

For more information and to read the syllabus, contact the Lutheran Center office (

To cross-register, speak to the Office of the Registrar.

PalesTime: A Summer in Palestine
Dar Al-Kalima University and Palestine International Institute
June 3 - July 5 2014

This program has five components that may be combined or regrouped depending on the student's choice:

1. Contemporary political Palestinian history
2. The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
3. Arab-Islamic thought
4. Human rights and international law in occupied Palestine
5. Geography and archaeology in Palestine
6. Contextual Palestinian theology
7. Palestinian cultural studies
8. Women's movements in Palestine
9. Contemporary Palestinian art
10. Palestinian Diaspora studies
11. Palestinian social history
12. The Palestinian economy and business environment

Additional options include a one-week trip through the West Bank, a four-week intensive special project course (including language, food, filmmaking, service-learning, or research projects), a one-week camp in Nazareth, and a six-day conference in Bethlehem.

For more information and costs, please visit

To cross-register, speak to the Office of the Registrar.

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