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Contextual Education: New Teaching Congregations and Christian Public Leader Updates!

In the Teaching Congregations program as per the distributive curriculum, please remember that all Student and Mentor Pastor Reflection Questions are due on Monday May 5 for graduating seniors and Monday May 12 for non-graduating students. Students may find more information on their coursepages. Please contact the office of Contextual Learning if you would like help accessing or completing these.

In the Christian Public Leader program as per the portfolio curriculum, watch this space for updates coming soon! As a reminder:

For MDivs, Christian Public Leader is a short-term, part-time contextual education placement. Here, students can explore academic and theological questions in a real-world environment in dialog with contextual site educators.

This program partners effectively with other tagged courses that require a contextual/immersion experience in a congregation- or community-based organization. Additionally, with this context as their primary conversation partner, students will critically reflect on themselves as leaders, discover the communal nature of leadership, and develop their own leadership practices.

Upon registration for Christian Public Leader, students undergo a placement process in which they are paired with mentor Christian public leaders at congregations and community-based organizations. Throughout the semester, students will work with their mentor (both independently and in cohorts) to develop learning goals, achieve those goals through mentorship and participation, and assess their progress at the conclusion of the course.

For MAs, this course will explore Christian Public Leadership by attending to leadership in the midst of particular communities and their distinct contextual realities. In this course students will expand their leadership capacity by leading and being in dialogue a particular ministry context in the area of Congregational and Community Care, Congregational Mission and Leadership, or Children, Youth and Family Ministry.

With this ministry context as their primary conversation partner students will critically reflect on themselves as leaders, discover the communal nature of leadership, and develop their own leadership practices. Particular attention will be given to praxis, contextualization, integrative approaches to ministry, and competencies connected to student’s concentration.

Students will participate in this contextual learning over the course of four semesters. Each semester will focus on a different aspect of Christian public leadership. Topics for each of the four semesters will include: “Who am I as a leader in community?” (regarding assimilation into a new community); “What is the act of leading?” (regarding finding one’s voice in Christian public leadership); “How can I go deeper?” (developing practical wisdom as a Christian public leader); and “I don’t know what I don’t know” (becoming a life-long learner).

M.Div. students concentrating in Children, Youth, and Family will participate in the M.A. Professional Course as a component of their concentration.


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