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Lay Committee: Evaluation coming

Within the next two months most of our internships will reach the halfway mark. When six months of internship are completed, the Lay Committee is invited to join with the supervisor and the intern in completing an evaluation. Planning for that evaluation might well begin in January.

First of all, look up the evaluation questions here, on our website.

This will give you an overview of the task ahead. Review the questions together as a committee. If there are topics no one on the committee has knowledge of, make a plan to talk to the appropriate people. (For example: if no one on the committee has young children, you might want to solicit the opinions of some parents and some young people on the intern's ability to teach children and youth.)

Next, plan for how you will complete the evaluation. Some committees talk through all of the questions, then ask the chairperson to write up a summary of what has been said which is then shared with the whole committee before it is submitted. Other committees ask each committee member to fill out the evaluation form individually, and then bring in a hard copy, with the chairperson or some other individual serving as editor to make up the final committee report.

Finally, plan for how the evaluation will be shared with the intern. Sometimes the chairperson will do this individually; at other times it will be done at a meeting of the committee.

However you do it, remember that the evaluation is a tool to help the intern grow. This is a supportive process as we develop leaders for the church. However it is done, the process should include open communication and a lot of good conversation between the committee and the intern.

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