Students at commencement

Ministry in Context

Living Lent

Lent. We are in the season of Lent, a time of reflection and preparation in the church year. But you know that.

Lent was a paradoxical time for me as a pastor, and it may be that for you. It was a time intended for reflection, but I was busier than usual with additional worship services and other pastoral work. It was hard to find the time for self-reflection or any other kind of reflection. (In my first two years as a pastor, I thought Lent would be a wonderful time to add extra Bible studies and

Mandatory Abuse-Reporting Laws

Did you know that 4 out of 5 states require clergy to alert authorities when they suspect a child has been abused or neglected? USA Today published a chart in their Dec. 16, 2011 issue showing which types of adults are specifically required to report abuse in each state, and whether failing to report it is a crime. Find out what the state law says for your internship site.

The glories of chaos

They were a little short on parent volunteers to help with the kindergarten Valentine’s Day party, so the lovely Mrs. McKinley and I volunteered to join the merriment in our grandson Luke’s room with the stipulation that I not be asked to help with a craft. I don’t do crafts, even at the kindergarten level.

So there I was, assisting at a Cupid Bingo game, helping the young scholars differentiate between the picture of the heart that said “Hug Me” and the picture of the