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Director's Word: Maya Angelou, 1928 - 2014

This month, I'd like to simply pay tribute to a great American whose death we are even now mourning. Please enjoy the following poem, "Still I Rise", written in 1978 by the great Maya Angelou. And for those who wish, here she is reading it aloud:

Still I Rise

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are

Sharing Voices: Spotlight on Tony Fair and All Metro Praise

Whether working in a congregation or here at the seminary, I find that May and June become a reflective time to naturally step back and think about the past. In this reflective time, one will find lessons learned, wisdom gleaned, as well as impulses for future possibilities. Indeed, it is a generative and freeing time to truly vision and wonder about with is next. I find myself thinking about some of the innovators who came along and took a leap of faith with some visions and wondering of their own.

Sharing Voices: Students, Stories, and Projects in 2013 - 2014

This year, we have been sharing the voices of our students by spotlighting transformative stories and projects. We've specifically lifted out those students whose contextual work has become deeply engaged with the world God loves! As we wrap up the academic year and move into the summer, we'd like to offer a round-up of these students' valuable learning and contributions. Enjoy!

Tom Westcott
Pub Theology Project at St. Mark's Lutheran Church

Chris writes: "Tom knew he had an intern project to plan,

Contextual Learning: New Student Worker Position Available

Yes, Contextual Learning is still hiring for a student position: Cross-Cultural Education Support Staff! The purpose of this position is to provide communications and administrative support to “Pray and Break Bread,” an urban and multicultural immersion program funded by Bethlehem Lutheran Church and hosted by Cross-Cultural Education at the office of Contextual Learning. The purpose of this position is also to learn on topics of interfaith dialogue, multicultural literacy, and social

Internship: New Supervisor Workshop and Cluster Meetings

By now, our 2014 - 2015 intern and supervisor teams are just beginning to take their first steps down the exciting path of internship together. To our supervisors, we say: Whether you are a new supervisor or a more experienced one, internship is a major opportunity to share the work of lifting up a new generation of Christian public leaders. We are looking forward to supporting you in that work!

We would also like to say "Thank you" to the new supervisors who joined us for New Supervisor Workshops

Cross-Cultural Education: New Opportunities Available in Mexico, Montana, Michigan, Chicago

Are you interested in Cross-Cultural Education through Luther Seminary coursework, ELCA coursework, or off-campus immersion experiences? We are beginning to receive information on 2014 - 2015 options. Please read on for details.

Reforest Chiapas
Chiapas, Mexico
July 27 - August 3 2014

Learn about eco-technologies, sustainable farming methods, and indigenous Mayan cultures as you serve alongside Mexicans, indigenous Mayans, and other service-minded individuals in an intercultural service trip to

Teaching Congregations and Christian Public Leader: Reflection Questions and Program Updates

This is a quick, friendly reminder that Teaching Congregations Reflection Questions were due May 5 for graduating seniors and May 12 for non-graduating students. Students may find an online form for their Student Reflection Questions on the FE 4022 coursepage. Mentor pastors may find an online form for their Mentor Pastor Reflection Questions at the following link: If a student or a mentor pastor would prefer

CPE: Registration Reminder

We would like to share a friendly reminder to all students preparing to begin CPE this summer. As soon as you know where you will be doing CPE, please send Contextual Learning a copy of your acceptance paperwork. Be sure it includes information about the site, the supervisor, and the start and end dates.

When this acceptance paperwork is on file, Contextual Learning will contact the Registrar's office to register you for either a full-time or part-time CPE class. Course credit and tuition will be

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