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On the move

"Follow me." - Jesus

Every summer, many interns are literally on the move.

You are coming or going, heading out from seminary to your internship site, or back again to campus. It's a hassle, but it's worth it.

I'm always a little bit sympathetic to the logistical demands of these moves, remembering similar ones of my own. I remember when Nancy and I, newly married, left St. Paul for internship in Kalispell, Montana. That was the first of many moves in response to the call to ministry. When we moved

When is internship over?

You in the back row…when is internship over?

    When you give your last sermon in the internship congregation.

Wrong. Over by the windows, what do you think?

    When the congregation has its farewell party.

Sorry. You in the front, sticking your hand up and jumping up and down.

    When you move back to campus.

Wrong. Anybody else want to try?

I didn’t think so. Here is the correct answer. Internship is over when all of your evaluation forms have

Saying Goodbye

At the closing cluster meetings each year, we discuss saying goodbye. This is the advice given to interns at that time. Supervisors hear all of this, but lay committees might find this advice helpful.

1. Talk openly about leaving and your feelings about it.

2. Accept invitations out, even if they were not offered before.

3. Pay outstanding debts in the community.

4. Have a farewell celebration -- accept gifts graciously.

5. Take time to say individual good-byes to special people, one-on-one, before the

Stars and Stripes Forever

On the 4th of July I put on the white golf shirt with the American flags and blue stars on it my family bought for me a few years ago when I was riding on a float in a parade on the big day. I’ve had memorable moments in that shirt. Riding in the parade was a unique experience. Another year I was in a sour mood because I had to travel on business on the 4th of July but I put the shirt on anyway. My mood brightened as the flight attendants and car rental agents and toll takers I met that day

Photo Album

Last Cluster of the year - Washington/Idaho group overlooking Puget Sound.
Ryan Cosgrove, Pr. Jeff Russell, Pr. Julie Josund, LS; Rick Foss, LS; Justin
Mootz, Pr. Paul Paumbo, Bishop Chris Boerger, Barb Gwynn, Jeanette Clark,
Ethan Hulme (behind Jeanette), Pr. Kathy Hawks, Katie Emery, John Simonson.