Students at commencement

Ministry in Context

Good words from a bishop

 “We are really feeling good about the recent seminary grads; you should know that.”

Such a comment is always welcome, of course. But the context of the comment was particularly encouraging. It came in the midst of a lengthy conversation I was having with one of our ELCA bishops, and the “we” he referenced was his bishop colleagues.

That does not mean everything is perfect. There may well be “other opinions.” Our conversation covered a lot of ground, including

On finding your way

Our vacation on the Maine coast was coming to an end, and we were planning our trip back to the Manchester, N.H., airport. After gorging ourselves for a few days on seafood we were ready for something different and settled on Friendly's, a chain of ice cream and sandwich shops that was a favorite of ours when we lived in that part of the country. I looked up Friendly's in the phone book, found one in Portsmouth, N.H., and plugged the address into the GPS.

Sure enough, the GPS ("Garmanda," we call her)