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There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work (I Corinthians 12: 4-6).

Bruce joined our family nearly two years ago. He was given to the Humane Society by a family that had experienced job loss and couldn’t feed and care for two dogs any longer. So, while his litter mate stayed with the family, Bruce’s

30,000 Feet: Tips and Tricks from Cohort Day 2014

The Fall is off and running and our Contextual Learning team has been delighted to be a part of Cohort Day 2014! At our Cohort Day workshop, a number of valuable insights were shared by our team, and so I would like to take the opportunity to share the “tips and tricks” I shared in my portion of the afternoon workshops. I hope that you find these ideas generative, regardless of the kind of context you are immersed in (CPE, Internship, Christian Public Leader, or something else)!


A Good Start: A Reflection on Beginning Well

As September begins, so do many internships. We want those internships to get off to a good start, so here are a few tips on starting well.

For Interns

Walk away from that computer screen! Get out and meet people. Ask your supervisor to give you a list of people you should visit. If a group is meeting in the building while you are there, introduce yourself and then do a lot of listening. If the church has a photo directory, use it to learn names. That tells people you care about them.

Take some

Preparing for Cluster Meetings? Find the Fall Schedule Here (Updated)!

Twice per year in the fall and spring, all Internship supervisors and pastoral interns around the country are hosted by the nearest ELCA seminary for something called the "cluster meeting." At the cluster meeting, supervisors and pastoral interns enjoy a chance to meet, talk, ask questions, provide feedback, and learn from other partners in the Internship experience. These are valuable sessions and they contribute greatly to the Internship in both semesters. (They are also a fun way to get to know

Questions About Internship and Insurance? Click Here!

This past year has produced many changes in the health insurance industry which have affected Contextual Learning’s requirements and expectations for this component of congregational support in 2014-2015. The launch of the Affordable Care Act means that most students who are not covered through an employer’s policy now have the option to purchase individual coverage through a state-sponsored insurance marketplace, as an alternative to the policy currently offered through Luther Seminary.

Wrapping Up Internship? Thank You and Next Steps!

Over the past few years, Contextual Learning has developed a pattern of welcoming returning interns by listening to your stories, and inviting you to listen to each other's stories, about internship. This year, we hosted this event on Wednesday September 3.

Many thanks to Greer, Emily, John, and Scott for sharing their stories with us, and many thanks to all of the returning students who attended the event! Once again, we are so pleased to have been able to offer our returning interns an opportunity

Interested in Christian Public Leader? Program Deadlines Coming Up!

Are you a student or a mentor interested in participating in Christian Public Leader, Luther Seminary's new introductory field education program? Here are the upcoming program deadlines for joining CPL!


Sept. 8: All CPL students submit CPL Student Preferences Forms to Contextual Learning. Students can click here to begin their form, due September 8!

Sept. 10: All CPL students and mentors are notified of placements for the semester via email.

Sept. 12: All CPL students and mentors join together

Considering, Starting, or Finishing CPE? Don't Forget to Contact Contextual Learning!

Our CPE Info Fair and Q&A Sessions are coming up! Interested in available CPE sites in the Twin Cities area? Curious about what chaplaincy or pastoral care might look like in a CPE setting? Come to Contextual Learning's CPE Info Fair, where you'll get to meet local chaplains and CPE coordinators! (This is a great event to attend if you'd like to meet the people with whom you might complete your CPE!) You can also come to our CPE Q&A Sessions, where we can help answer your questions on what

Interested in Urban and Multicultural Immersion? Introducing Pray and Break Bread Trips!

Did you enjoy our First Week "Day In Context" trips to Intercultural Ministry, Peace and Justice, and Chaplaincy sites? Do you want to visit more places like Joint Religious Legislative Coalition, Shobi's Table, Messiah/Center for Changing Lives, the Hmong Market, or Sub-Saharan African Youth and Family Services? Read more for photos, as well as information about the new urban and multicultural site visits we are preparing!

Luther students, staff, faculty are invited to join Cross-Cultural Education

Interested in Cross-Cultural Education? New SCUPE, El Salvador Opportunities!

There will be several new SCUPE courses available this Fall and Winter, as well as a new LTSP J-Term travel trip to El Salvador. Please see the following details below. Please also check the Cross-Cultural Education website for additional postings and updates:

SCUPE S-H 307: Eco-Justice: A Vision for a Sustainable City  

The church has a significant role in developing a holistic vision for a sustainable city as an outworking of the


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