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Ministry in Context

The Morning Report

If you have seen “The Lion King” (and we hope you have!) you might remember that delightful little song called “The Morning Report,” in which Zazu, the red-billed hornbill who serves as eyes and ears for King Mufasa, comes before the king to give an account of what has happened in Mufasa’s kingdom in the last 24 hours.

    Chimps are going ape, giraffes remain above it all
    Elephants remember, though just what I can't recall
    Crocodiles are snapping up fresh offers from the banks
    Showed interest in my nest egg but I quickly said, "No thanks!"

This is Zazu’s responsibility: to show up every morning and give the report.

Just like it is the responsibility of interns and pastors to deliver a report after three months of internship. Since most internships started September 1 at the latest, those three month reports are now due.

They are called “reports” and not “evaluations.” We are asking you to describe what has been going on in the internship regarding several areas, as well as what has been going on in the relationship between the intern and the supervisor. Intern and supervisor will do the reports separately and submit them separately. We do assume that intern and supervisor will discuss the reports with each other.

If you have not yet completed your three month report, go to the evaluations page on the Contextual Learning website and get started as soon as possible. (Yes, it will say “evaluation” on that page, but the form itself will bear the title “Three Month Report.”)

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