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Students at commencement

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Systems Theory class

Julie Josund is leading a class on Family Systems theory this internship year. Participants shown are (from left): Malcolm Brown, Matt Maas, Julie Josund, Alicia Hilding, Ben Hilding.

The Sorting

All kidding aside, the annual internship placement meeting of the Contextual Learning staff does not involve a magic Sorting Hat, or the throwing of darts on a map. The staff is sequestered for three days to carefully consider the needs of students and sites, and to optimize the placements for all of next year's interns.

The walls of the CL office are papered with information on the sites and students, and the staff spends hours in discussion and deliberation over the placements.

Not all placements can be finalized in this three-day marathon. Additional conversations still need to take place to confirm many of the placements. All assignments are announced to the students and supervising pastors by mid-April.

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