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Students at commencement

Ministry in Context

Photo Album

Oregon and Southwest, WA interns and supervisors playing up the stereotype of Oregon weather at Spring Cluster Retreat. Front row: Laura Stephenson, PLTS; Youngshim Mason, Wartburg; Pr. Dorthy Nielson; Pr. Chris Kramer, Pr. Jon Strasman; Pr. Chris Nolte; Pr. Tom Dodd. Back row: Rebecca Ajer, LSTC; Ray McKechnie, Wartburg, Elizabeth Damico, LS; Stacey Siebrasse, PLTS; Pr. Mike O’Berg


Interns Amanda Schultz and Felix Malpica visit with Pastor Roy Satre at the Southeastern Minnesota Cluster Meeting.


Intern Ann Zastrow and Pastor Chris Brekke of the Kenyon Area Internship Committee.


Concurrent interns and supervisors gathered at Luther Seminary.  Front row, from left, Pastor Greg Meyer, Peter Christ, Pastor Wayne Peterson.  Back row, from left, CL Deployed Associate Steve McKinley, Pastor Deb Stehlin, Paul Cannon, Aaron Fuller, Paul Shumaker, Pastor Wayne Kopitzke, Jon Gathje


Steve Biedermann, Pastor Jay Carlson, Scott Dalen, Pastor Mary Albing, Elise Wied, and Julie Wright at the West Metro Cluster Meeting.


Pastor Pam Stalheim-Lane, Ashley Updegraff-Balow, Tricia Mattson, Leslie Mahraun, Erik Doughty, and Pastor Susan Debner at the West Metro Cluster Meeting.


Pastors Joel Quie, Karsten Nelson and Peter Geisendorfer-Lindgren and David McCarty take a relaxed attitude at the West Metro Cluster Meeting.


Pastor Wayne Meidinger, Pastor Steve Rasmussen, Bailey Landa, Anthony Christoffels, Stephanie Christoffels, and Pastor Glen Enright at the Southwestern Minnesota-South Dakota Cluster Meeting.


Josh Feala, Pastor David Hanson, and Chris Brademeyer at the East Metro Cluster Meeting.

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