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Ministry in Context

Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Another internship year is about to start. Is your Lay Internship Committee ready? 

  1. Prepare to welcome your new intern and their family, if they have one. Someone from your committee or staff should be appointed to coordinate this welcoming time. The intern will need a contact person who can field questions dealing with basic "getting settled" issues, such as housing and transportation. Don't just assume it's the pastor or other staff member. Make sure you KNOW who's handling this. Be organized. First impressions are important!
  2. Plan a "Ritual of Beginning" for a worship service. This can be as simple as an installation rite at the intern's first worship experience in your congregation. Organize a coffee hour/reception following worship on their first Sunday to welcome the intern.
  3. Make sure all members of the committee take a moment to introduce themselves to the intern and family. The committee chair should coordinate calendars and set a date for the first meeting. This first meeting should include introductions and sharing of faith stories, as well as nuts 'n' bolts logistical information. Also ask the intern to begin thinking about their learning service agreement and project proposals.
  4. Make sure every member of the lay committee is signed up to receive this newsletter

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