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Internship: Site Applications Due January 31

Because many congregations need to approve the application at a January annual meeting, the site application deadline is January 31, 2014. However, we are happy to receive applications at any time – the earlier the better!

Please find “Expectations for Internship Sites,” “Financial Matters,” and the application form itself at the following link:

When you are preparing your application for this year, please consider the following in your narrative responses:

  • What makes your faith community unique?
  • What are some keywords that will help a prospective intern understand the unique ministry experiences and learning opportunities in the congregation and community? (For example, do your ministries involve “multifaith outreach,” “prison ministry,” “stewardship engagement,” “environmental justice,” “revitalization,” “church planting,” or other similar identifiers?)
  • Interns hope to pursue, experience, and lead in a variety of ministry areas. What characteristics and skills of an intern would best fit the ministry in the congregation?

After you have applied, we will connect with your synod for their recommendation regarding your congregation as an internship site. Once that communication is in progress, we will invite you to interview potential internship candidates on the weekdays of Monday, February 17 – Friday, February 28.

This is a great opportunity to get to know potential interns! Interviews allow you to discuss the aspects listed above in greater detail. Interviews also allow prospective interns to learn how you understand supervision, what you’re looking for in an intern, and what they can expect working with you in ministry.

You may interview in one of three ways: in person on Luther’s campus, utilizing a video conference via the internet, or by phone.

If you are interested in interviewing prospective candidates, please indicate your preferred interview dates on the following survey:

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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