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Ministry in Context

Teaching Congregations Updates: Spring 2014

Teaching Congregations in Spring 2014 is already underway! Students, if you do not need a new placement and have already submitted your Learning Agreement for 2013 - 2014, no further action is required. You may begin your contextual work.

If you do not need a new placement but did not submit your Learning Agreement last semester, please submit that as soon as possible; they were due March 1.

If you need a new placement, please begin by reviewing the Site List. If no site works for you, your chosen mentor pastor may add his or her site to the list using the Site Profile Form. From there, submit your Site Preferences Form as soon as possible. Once your Site Preferences Form is on file, our office will make your assignment and send you an email confirmation, at which point you are welcome to submit your Learning Agreement. Again, please attend to this as soon as possible, as they were due March 1.

All deadlines, forms and resources are available on the Teaching Congregations coursepage, under “Forms & Resources”.

Pastors, if you would like to become a Teaching Congregations site, please contact the office of Contextual Learning.

All Student and Mentor Pastor Reflection Questions are due May 5 for graduating seniors and May 12 for non-graduating students.

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