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Sharing Voices: Spotlight on Dilame Atebo, CYF Student and Refugee Mentor

With a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Psychology from Addis Ababa University in Ethopia, first-year Children Youth and Family MA student Dilame Atebo has come to Luther seminary with noble goals. Her work in Ethiopia has ranged from volunteering as a gender specialist through the United Nations Development Program, to the African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse as a project officer.

Dilame’s passion for the dignity and rights of the most vulnerable in society fuels her faith and study and will continue to be a significant factor as she engages in context through her studies at Luther Seminary. Two significant volunteer positions through Lutheran Social Services will give Dilame the unique vantage point of how LSS comes alongside those who are in need of assistance.

First, she is a refugee mentor. Refugee mentors seek to be a guide and friend for a refugee family during the challenging first months in a new culture. Dilame is thrilled that she will have the opportunity to accompany an Ethiopian family as they are new to the Twin Cities. Learning about American currency, touring the Twin Cities bus lines, acclimating to schools and local grocery stores are all part of the vital role of a volunteer.

Dilame has also elected to serve as a volunteer for the citizenship class, offered weekly at Saint Anthony Park Lutheran Church. The goals of this class are similar, with field trips to the farmer’s market, the State Capitol, and a library, among other desinations.   Citizenship classes serve as an excellent way for new citizens to experience community while adjusting to a new culture and environment.

Please know that all are encouraging to explore volunteering with LSS. If you have interest in these or other volunteer programs, please contact Marta Volbrecht at to volunteer.

Blessings in your work at the intersection of classroom and context, Dilame!

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