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Contextual Learning: New Student Worker Position Available

Yes, Contextual Learning is still hiring for a student position: Cross-Cultural Education Support Staff! The purpose of this position is to provide communications and administrative support to “Pray and Break Bread,” an urban and multicultural immersion program funded by Bethlehem Lutheran Church and hosted by Cross-Cultural Education at the office of Contextual Learning. The purpose of this position is also to learn on topics of interfaith dialogue, multicultural literacy, and social justice.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Attendance: Participate in and/or facilitate a total of ten urban and multicultural site visits over a span of four trips during the 2014 – 2015 academic year (two half-day Fridays and two full-day Saturdays).
  2. Communications: Liaise with off-campus partners to invite and schedule site visits.
  3. Communications: Work with on-campus resources to publicize site visits.
  4. Admin: Use grant budget to prepare and reimburse transportation to site visits.
  5. Admin: Use grant budget to fund honorariums, meals, and tickets.
  6. Learning: Learn to facilitate interfaith/ecumenical dialogue and build religious literacy for self and others.
  7. Learning: Learn about tackling critical social justice issues from a faith-based, theologically-motivated perspective for self and others.

Desired education and experience includes:

  • Must be a student at Luther Seminary.
  • Must be a residential or commuter student.
  • Must have flexible schedule for weekday office time at Contextual Learning, as well as weekend events over a span of four trips during the 2014 – 2015 academic year (two half-day Fridays and two full-day Saturdays).
  • Must have excellent communications and/or customer service skills; the student will be the face of this program to our off-campus partners (persons and groups with whom Contextual Learning is building positive, long-term relationships).
  • Must have excellent administrative skills, including time and budget management; the student will be responsible for a sizable and generous grant.
  • Basic experience with interfaith dialogue, multicultural literacy, and social justice is a plus, but the student should also be open and able to learn from other staff as well as on- and off-campus partners on these topics.

All students are welcome to apply, but preference will be given to those who belong to marginalized or under-represented groups at Luther Seminary.

This position would begin in early June and continue until approximately May 15 2015 at an average of approximately 8 hours per week. The student would be compensated at Luther Seminary's student worker pay rate.

Interviews are going quickly! For more information and to apply, please click here as soon as possible:

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