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Cross-Cultural Education: New Opportunities Available in Mexico, Montana, Michigan, Chicago

Are you interested in Cross-Cultural Education through Luther Seminary coursework, ELCA coursework, or off-campus immersion experiences? We are beginning to receive information on 2014 - 2015 options. Please read on for details.

Reforest Chiapas
Chiapas, Mexico
July 27 - August 3 2014

Learn about eco-technologies, sustainable farming methods, and indigenous Mayan cultures as you serve alongside Mexicans, indigenous Mayans, and other service-minded individuals in an intercultural service trip to Chiapas. For more information, click here to visit the AMEXTRA website.

Lutheran Identity in Latin America
Mexico City, Mexico
October 23 - October 27 2014

Experience the realities of poverty, globalization, and spirituality in Latin America, with an emphasis on the role of Lutheran and Protestant churches in Mexico. Learn how to respond to the growing Latino population in your community and worship alongside Lutheran communities on Reformation Sunday. For more information, click here to visit the AMEXTRA website.

Shoulder to Shoulder Interfaith Seminar
Islamic Society of North America, Detroit, Michigan
August 28 - August 31 2014

Shoulder to Shoulder is a national campaign of interfaith, faith-based, and religious organizations dedicated to ending anti-Muslim sentiment. An integral part of ending anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States is ensuring that American religious leaders of various traditions provide leadership to interfaith efforts including ending anti-Muslim sentiment. The goal of the seminar is to prepare participants for leadership in interfaith efforts including working to end anti-Muslim sentiment. Jewish and Christian emerging leaders will be our primary participants. Muslim emerging leaders attending the convention will be invited to join portions of the seminar for tri-faith conversations. Seminarians will be chosen on the basis of their commitment to interfaith efforts and the possibility of their providing leadership in the future to this work. Facilitators will be from the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities and will lead the workshops. For more information, click here to visit the Shoulder to Shoulder website.

Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Native American Seminar
Rocky Boy Chippewa Cree Reservation, Rocky Boy, Montana
August 16 - August 27 2014

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church is on the Rocky Boy's Reservation in north central Montana, home of the Chippewa Cree Tribe. The seminar at Our Saviour's will include participating in the daily life of the congregation, volunteering at Tribal Headstart and Daycare, working with families of newborns, visiting elders in their homes, delivering quilts, learning from tribal members on Chippewa Cree history and language, practicing beadworking and frybread cooking, experiencing a mini-pow wow (including dance and drumming), touring Stone Child College and the Clinic and Wellness Center, and/or undergoing a sweat lodge encounter. For more information, click here to visit Our Saviour's website.

Luther Seminary, SCUPE, and ELCA Seminary Courses
Multiple locations
Multiple dates

Please click here for an update on 2014 - 2015 Luther Seminary, SCUPE, and ELCA coursework options. Also, please be in touch with the office of Contextual Learning if you'd like to craft your own independent study or immersion experience, or if you'd like to discuss your own prior study or immersion experience!

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