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Ministry in Context

Interested in Contextual Opportunities for MDivs? Join Christian Public Leader (FE 0525)!

Christian Public Leader is a short-term, part-time contextual education placement. Here, students can explore academic and theological questions in a real-world environment in dialog with contextual site educators. This program partners effectively with other tagged courses that require a contextual/immersion experience in a congregation- or community-based organization. Additionally, with this context as their primary conversation partner, students will critically reflect on themselves as leaders, discover the communal nature of leadership, and develop their own leadership practices.

An intentional, thoughtful placement between a supportive mentor and a committed student can set the tone for a lifetime of Christian public leadership!

Next Steps

  • Now: Register for FE 0525, a 0.5-credit elective course.

  • Aug. 15: All CPL mentors complete the Mentor Christian Public Leader Application Form. Mentors, you may now click here to begin your form, due August 15!

  • Aug. 18: Students seeking placements can review the complete list of available CPL sites online. (Sites arranging on a one-on-one placement for local or Distributed Learning students will not be on this list.) You can view the Site List by clicking here, beginning August 18!

  • Aug. 18-Sept. 8: Students seeking placements begin calling and visiting available CPL sites. (Again, sites arranging a one-on-one placement for local or Distributed Learning students will not be visited.)

  • Sept. 8: All CPL students submit CPL Student Preferences Forms to Contextual Learning. Students can click here to begin their form, due September 8!

  • Sept. 10: All CPL students and mentors are notified of placements for the semester via email.

  • Sept. 12: All CPL students and mentors join together for the CPL launch, held both on-campus and online. An AdobeConnect livestream and recording link will be included in your Sept. 10 placement confirmation email for those who cannot come to campus for that program.

Expectations, Outcomes, and More

You can find more information at:

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