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CPL: Fall and Spring Program Reminders

Students, we hope you are all enjoying your Christian Public Leader placements during this fall semester! As Luther heads around the corner of midterms and enters the homestretch of the semester, we hope that your coursework and contextual commitments are going smoothly. We'd like to share two important reminders for you.

Reflective Assessments

At the end of every semester, two sets of Reflective Assessments are due: one from the seminarian and one from the mentor. For Fall 2014, Reflective Assessments are due December 12.

Reflective Assessments are available online. You may click here to download them from the CPL webpage, or click here to download them from the FE 0525 coursepage. When they are complete, they may be emailed, mailed, or faxed to the Contextual Learning office.

Two critical notes to remember about the Reflective Assessments:

1. You are solely responsible for coordinating both your and your mentors' evaluations. The purpose of the evaluations is to receive timely, written feedback and have the opportunity for intentional conversations about the experience.

2. In the previous Teaching Congregations program, failure to submit evaluations in a timely fashion did not carry significant consequences; semesters were simply marked "NR" (for "Grade Not Recorded"). However, as the Christian Public Leader program is now credit-bearing, failure to submit evaluations in a timely fashion may delay credits received. In turn, this delay may prevent you from registering for future semesters as per your intended class status. So, please keep that in mind moving forward.

Spring 2015

Are you interested in continuing with the CPL program? If so, don't forget to register for FE 0525 when Spring registration opens in December. Please also review the updated dates for the placement process on the CPL webpage.

Please do not hesitate to call, email, or stop by if you have any questions about continuing with the CPL program at this time. We are more than happy to help you discern.

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