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Internship: Learning Goals, Project Proposals, Evaluations, and Insurance

Students, are you curious about your next steps for your internship? Do you have questions about the Learning Goals, the Project Proposal, your three-month evaluations, or your insurance? Please read on for more details.

Learning Goals

Based on your feedback and popular request, we have updated the Learning Goals page to be more clear and helpful. You may now find plenty of examples of good goals, objectives, strategies, resources, and evaluation parameters. Please remember that your Learning Goals is a living document, and you should always feel welcome to return to it for revisions and edits along the way! Click here to review our suggestions, begin your Learning Goals, or make changes:

Project Proposal

Again, based on your feedback and popular request, we have updated the Project Proposal to incorporate much more information about how to develop your project. We've also incorporated some examples of good and poor project proposals. As with the Learning Goals, you should feel encouraged to return to it for revisions.

(Note that the Project Proposal does make references to the forthcoming LCCM course. Please do not be alarmed by these references; LCCM is only required for new interns beginning in Fall 2015. These are just helpful tips for you as you work on your proposal.)

Click here to review our examples, begin your Project Proposal, or make changes:

Three-Month Evaluations

Please do not forget to work with your supervisor to complete your three-month evaluations. Also, if you have not already been contacted by your Contextual Learning point person, you will be contacted shortly via email or phone for a check-in before the end of the semester. Please click here to begin your evaluations:


This past year has produced many changes in the health insurance industry which have affected Contextual Learning’s requirements and expectations for this component of congregational support in 2014-2015. The launch of the Affordable Care Act means that most students who are not covered through an employer’s policy now have the option to purchase individual coverage through a state-sponsored insurance marketplace, as an alternative to the policy currently offered through Luther Seminary.

The marketplace is a helpful option since rates for the Luther Seminary health insurance plan have increased dramatically. Each year we attempt to build a cushion into the figure provided on the Financial Matters page on the Contextual Learning website as well as in the internship site application. Unfortunately, the Luther Seminary health insurance rate continues to far outpace our estimates; next year’s rate is a 20% increase over 2013-14. The premium for September 1, 2014 – August 31, 2015 will be $3,566.

As has been the case for a number of years, a congregation is expected to pay for the cost of a full-time intern’s health insurance premium, up to the cost of purchasing the Luther Seminary health insurance plan; for a two-year/part-time intern the cost is 50% of the premium cost each year of the two years of internship.


  • If the intern plans to purchase coverage through Luther Seminary, the internship site will send payment to the Business Office and it will be applied directly to the student’s account. This can be paid in one sum at the beginning of September or by contacting the Business Office to arrange a payment plan.
  • If an intern plans to purchase coverage outside of the Luther Seminary health insurance plan, and if there is a cost associated with the intern’s portion of the premium, the congregation is expected to pay that amount directly to the intern.


  • The student deadline to waive or enroll in the Luther Seminary insurance plan was September 15.
  • Students planning to apply for individual coverage through the marketplace may do so prior to the open enrollment period which begins November 15. The end of health insurance coverage through the Luther Seminary plan on August 31 is considered a “life-changing” event, allowing individuals to secure coverage through the marketplace.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kathryn Ostlie-Olson at 651-641-3492 or


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