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Finishing Up or Beginning CPE? Don't Forget!

Are you finishing CPE? Congratulations! As you see on our website and on all CPE coursepages, to receive credit for completion of this pass/fail course, you will turn in a copy of both the CPE supervisor’s and your final evaluation to the Office of Contextual Learning. Your supervisor's evaluation is prepared by your supervisor. Your self-evaluation is the written assignment that you are assigned at the end of the unit. Both evaluations will be read by the director of Contextual Learning, and a notification will be sent to the Registrar that you have completed the requirement. The Registrar then marks your student record with a completed grade.

Have you been accepted into a unit of CPE for Summer or Fall 2015? Don't forget to notify Contextual Learning in order to be registered and pay for the course. Please click here for more details on registration, payment, and credit:

Are you planning for CPE in Fall 2015? Try to submit your applications early and often! Applying now to multiple locations is optimal. Please contact Contextual Learning with any questions you may have about the available sites or application process. We're happy to help you with your questions!


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