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Hein Fry Book of Faith Challenge: Growing Biblical Literacy

The Bible Division invites all Fall 2015 interns to consider an exciting opportunity to enliven the biblical engagement and learning of the church (and to do a lot of learning yourself in the process). The ELCA has recently announced the Hein Fry Book of Faith Challenge. Here's the challenge:
"Create an innovative class/encounter/series engaging Scripture in a congregational setting. The project should invite people in that setting to open Scripture and join the conversation for the sake of their own faith formation and discipleship as well as for the sake of their broader communities."
One student from each ELCA seminary will be invited to take on this challenge. There are some resources available: Each student will receive $500 to use for implementing their program. They will each form a team in their congregation to help them, and they will have a Luther faculty person as an adviser (The student will pick the faculty person, presumably from the Bible division, but it could be any faculty member).
After implementing the project in his/her internship congregation (see note below!), the student chosen from Luther will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Dubuque, Iowa to attend a gathering in April, 2016, at Wartburg Seminary. There, the Luther student will present her/his project to the students from the other seminaries, and to ELCA churchwide representatives. The 8 seminary students will then be featured in a TED talk-style video which will be disseminated to the entire ELCA. (OK, the location isn't the draw, but to have your project shared across the church? Pretty cool.)

If you are interested in being considered for this challenge, please send Kathryn Schifferdecker ( by July 1 a 1-page proposal with the following information:

1. Name, internship parish, contact information
2. Your reason(s) for wanting to participate in this challenge, and preliminary ideas of how you might meet it (a class? a preaching series? a musical? a retreat?) What would be your primary learning goals for this project? Why would this be suitable for your internship parish?
3. The name of a Luther faculty person who knows you and your work and could serve as a reference if we have questions.

The Bible division will review all the proposals and choose one student by mid-July. Please contact Kathryn Schifferdecker for more information!
Note from Contextual Learning: This project may or may not be your official internship project. Contextual Learning anticipates that one's internship project will not be developed until the midpoint of the internship, so it may or may not align with the Hein Fry Book of Faith Challenge. This is simply an extra opportunity that may be fruitful for you.

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