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Goodbye from Julie and Steve

An era is ending. The time of using “deployed” staff in Contextual Learning is over as of August 31. For nearly 10 years, Steve McKinley and Julie Josund have been serving as deployed staff for Region 3 (Steve) and Region 1 (Julie). We worked and lived in those Regions for the purpose of knowing the people and congregations of those locations and being readily able to assist as needed.

The model is changing, and you will read about the new staffing plans elsewhere in this newsletter. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with students, congregations, supervising pastors, and with Luther Seminary. Internship is such a rich experience for each of the parties involved, and a very important part of the development of pastors and professional leaders.

We are each moving on into other equally important times of our lives and work. Julie is a Pastor in Edmonds, Washington and adjunct faculty in the DMin program at the School of Theology and Ministry of Seattle University. Steve hopes to be better at retirement the second time than he was the first time.

We wish you all much joy and hope in the next steps of your journey.

Julie and Steve

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