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Pray and Break Bread With Us

Welcome to Pray and Break Bread for a new year! My name is Katherine Parent, and I'm excited to share about a great new year of urban and multicultural faith and justice trips. Pray and Break Bread is a series of off-campus events that bring Luther Seminary students, staff and faculty out into the community to learn from our diverse neighbors of faith. This year, there will be even more Pray and Break Bread than last year - we're planning eight exciting opportunities.

Fall 2015

Our three fall trips will focus on learning from community justice initiatives, as follows:

October 16: Pastoral Care, Healing, and Sexual Violence

We will learn from survivors and community leaders working to support healing from sexual violence. Potential sites include the Domestic Abuse Project, Alexandra House, and the Aurora Center at the U of M, trauma sensitivity training, and visiting with leaders of faith doing valuable work on this topic.

Register for the first fall trip here.

November 13: Pastoral Care and War

We will learn from veterans, refugees and chaplains on the spiritual needs of people who have experienced war. Potential sites include the local Veterans Affairs, Lutheran Social Services' Refugee Services Center, Veterans for Peace, and local military chaplains.

December 4: Immigration Justice

We will learn from local Latin@ immigration justice initiatives. Potential sites include local churches involved in community-building and advocacy with Spanish-speaking immigrants.

Spring 2016

This spring, we’re excited to collaborate with Professor Guillermo Hansen for five interfaith immersion trips in March and April. Pray and Break Bread will be a required experience for students in Dr. Hansen’s class on Lutherans and World Religions. We will visit and listen to five diverse faith communities across the Twin Cities. Each trip will have 5 seats reserved for students, staff and faculty from outside the class. Trip themes will include indigenous religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Stay tuned for dates and details for these spring trips.

Are you interested in joining us for Pray and Break Bread? Please follow us on facebook or email me at to join our mailing list for updates, details and links. See you this year!

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