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CPE Reminders

Many of our student readers have recently finished up Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) this last fall or winter. Likewise, many students are also beginning their first unit of CPE this Spring as well. To that end, we'd like to share some key reminders.

After you’ve been accepted to a program, here is how you register and pay for it:

  1. As soon as you know where you will be doing CPE, send Contextual Learning a copy of your acceptance paperwork. Be sure it includes information about the site, the supervisor, and the start and end dates.

  2. When this acceptance paperwork is on file, Contextual Learning will contact the Registrar's office to register you for either a full-time or part-time CPE class. Course credit and tuition will be applied in the term in which CPE begins.

  3. Pay the required deposit to a CPE center to secure a program spot. Keep your receipt! Bring an invoice for the outstanding balance as well as the deposit receipt to the Business Office; be sure to include your student ID on all paperwork.

  4. Once course credit and tuition have been applied to your account, the Business Office will pay the outstanding balance directly to your CPE site and will refund you for your deposit, up to the value of 1.0 credit at Luther Seminary.

To receive credit for completion of this pass/fail course:

The student will turn in a copy of both the CPE supervisor’s and the student’s final evaluation to the Office of Contextual Learning. Your supervisor's evaluation is prepared by your supervisor. Your self-evaluation is the written assignment that you are assigned at the end of the unit. Both evaluations will be read by the director of Contextual Learning, and a notification will be sent to the Registrar that you have completed the requirement. The Registrar then marks your student record with a completed grade.

A student whose candidacy committee requires CPE for the ordination process must also send the same evaluations directly to their candidacy committee. If you have questions about taking CPE for non-credit, please contact the Office of Contextual Learning.

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