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Consultation on concurrent internship

Historically concurrent internships (half time internships lasting 21 months) have been rare, with only two or three underway at any time. However, as we look at the present and the future, we see concurrents becoming more common to accommodate the diverse situations and needs of both students and congregations. Recently members of the Contextual Leadership staff gathered with a small group of current concurrent interns and supervisors to discuss the unique aspects of these internships, so that standards and guidelines for these internships can be developed.

The conversation dealt with such matters as the scheduling of evaluations, involvement in worship, time expectations and the relationship between the classes some concurrent interns take during internship and their ministries.

Participants in the recent consultation on concurrent internships were (front) Pastor Phil Dell of Lord of Life, Maple Grove; Paul Shumaker, intern at East Norway Lake, New London; and Dave McCarty, intern at Lord of Life; (rear) Pastor Wayne Kopitzke of East Norway Lake; Pastor Josh Nelson of Spirit of Joy, Buffalo; intern Kimberly Swanson-Buffie of Spirit of Joy; and Pastor Jane Buckley-Farlee of Trinity, Minneapolis.

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