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The lay committee at mid-year

Having completed the Mid-Year Evaluation (it is completed and submitted, isn't it?), March is a good time for the Lay Committee to check back on some of the basics, the things we look at when the internship year begins, but might forget about later. Such as:

  • Learning Goals. While these are essentially worked out between the intern and the supervisor, it's good for the Lay Committee to know what the goals are. You might have seen it at the beginning of the year. Whether you did or not, now would be a good time to review the Learning Goals. What kind of progress is the intern making toward her goals? What might the committee do to support the process?
  • The Project Proposal. The intern should have filed this with the CL office some months ago, and most did. What is your intern's big project for the year? How is it going? What is it teaching the intern about your congregation? About ministry? How is the project changing the congregation? The intern?
  • The Intern's family. Many Lay Committees do a wonderful job of greeting and welcoming the intern's spouse and family. Don't just greet them and forget them! Now that they have been part of your community for a while, how are things going? Are there areas of difficulty for them? Do they have a network of support in the community? The experience of being an intern's spouse and family is a foretaste of the experience of being a pastor's spouse and family. How are they feeling about that?

The Lay Committee is a crucial component in the learning process. Even after the evaluations are completed, there is work to be done!

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