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Students at commencement

Ministry in Context

Photo Album

At the Twin Cities West Cluster Meeting: Front row: Karsten Nelson, Pam Stalheim-Lane, Adam Morton, Javen Swanson, Chase Smith.  Back row: Scott Donnelly, Scott Simmons, Nile Sandeen, Jason Van Hunnik, Kelly Chatman, Caleb Crainer.

At the Twin Cities West Cluster Meeting: Front row: Brad Doty, Pam Stofferahn, Jay Carlson.  Back row: Michelene Vertlautz, Susan Debner, Marla Amborn, Mark Becker, Betsy Hoium, Steve McKinley.

At the Southwest Minnesota Cluster Meeting, held at Earthrise Farms outside Madison, MN: Front row: Louis of Earthrise Farms, Amy Martinell, Denise Broveak, Sister Kay, Sister Annette, and Melissa of Earthrise Farms.  Middle row: Jackie Braun, Amy Juel-Palmer, Paul Shumaker, Steve Rasmussen, James Muske, Deanna Boynton, Jonathan Boynton, Paul Idstrom.  Back row: Rich Hall, Keith Long, Kendall Stelter, Wayne Kopitzke, Bob Chell, Randy Keillor, Dave Larson.

At the Southeastern Minnesota Cluster Meeting: Michelle DeBeauchamp, Karl Korbel, Matt Magera, Genna Couch.

At the Twin Cities East Cluster Meeting: Lynda Thompson, Luther Dale, and John Klawiter.

At the Twin Cities East Cluster Meeting: Lyle Belleque and Richard Mork.

On May 10-11, new internship supervisors attended a training session at Luther Seminary.  Here Pastors Trisha Boese of Trinity, Vermillion, SD, and Eric Strom of Rock of the Foothills Lutheran, LaVerne, California, enjoy quiet conversation during a social hour at President Bliese’s home.

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