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Students at commencement

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The excitement of an intern/vicar

It’s the point in the year at which many internships are starting up. This is thrilling for the intern, the supervisor, and the congregation. That excitement is reflected in a letter we received recently from Pastor Phil Gardner at Trinity Lutheran Church in Sandusky, Ohio.

"I am pleased to report that Sharon Brown is on board and getting much more than just her feet wet. Her first official responsibility among us was on Sunday when she participated in the annual blessing of book bags as kids go back to school. She got to use an evergreen branch to sprinkle the students with water from the Baptismal Font.

"We had an installation for her at both services, with a reception in between. From all I can tell, we're going to have a super year. I am so grateful, for the first time in twelve years, to have someone with whom I can regularly share pastoral work, talk shop, and dream about what can be. I expect to learn a lot from Sharon and from our time together.

"(We’re making) a HUGE DEAL out of the fact that, for the first time in its 85 years, Trinity Congregation has a pastoral intern.

"I think Sharon was a little hesitant about the 'vicar' title. I guess it's more common among LC-MS congregations. But, I just felt it was good, especially for our kids, to set her apart as one training for ordination to pastoral ministry. I bore the title way back when, but in Arlington, Virginia, it sounded more like 'vicah'! And, besides, take a look at the picture of our sign board, as attached. Sharon has no choice!

" far so good...the juices are flowing...Sharon preaches September 4, doing something right up her alley. We're borrowing from the Presbyterians and proclaiming the day before Labor Day 'Christian Vocations Day.' I've asked Sharon to do a topical sermon on ministry in daily life, and I directed her to the Presbyterian stuff on line. She seemed excited at the prospects."

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