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Ministry in Context

For the Lay Committee: Know the Roles

The Internship Committee should be meeting regularly by now. You may be wondering what role you play in the internship besides meeting once a month. The text below comes from the online Committee Handbook:

What roles do committee members play?

  1. Supporter
    You provide counsel and encouragement for the intern and his/her spouse. You provide support and honest feedback—something that everyone needs.
  2. Sponsor
    You are able to acquaint the intern with the members of the congregation and the issues and concerns of the people.
  3. Consultant
    You can provide information about the congregation, teach, guide, and introduce the intern to your world. You help make sure the intern knows the audience on Sunday morning and something of the history of your church and community.
  4. Evaluator
    You are a mirror, reflecting your perception of ministry towards the intern. You will offer your impressions of sermons, personal appearance, teaching skills, etc. Don't gloss over things; be honest as you speak the truth in love.
  5. Faith Sharer
    You can share your own religious background, experiences and beliefs. Tell the intern how God has called you and what that has meant.
  6. First Parishioner
    You can assist the intern in developing a style of ministry that is in partnership with other Christians. We want a pastor who can work well in partnership with others, not some sort of lone ranger. The intern must know how the roles of a pastor and a lay person complement each other and how he/she can effectively function in partnership with others.

What does the chairperson do?

Each committee should have a chairperson whose responsibilities include the following:

  1. Convene all committee meetings.
  2. Notify everyone as to the time and place of meetings and chair them.
  3. Discuss the agenda with the intern and/or pastor.
  4. Consult with the pastor supervisor; keep him/her informed about the progress of the committee.
  5. Fill out the final consensus evaluation.

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