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Figuring out a new place

My wife, Nancy, and I are in China as I write this. We were on a tour of the China highlights with a group and are now visiting with my sister and brother-in-law, who have lived in China for the past five years. Along the way we visited with a friend who has taught for a few years at a university in Shanghai. All in all, we are having a delightful experience. We are constantly trying to figure out local patterns, customs, histories, purposes and appropriate behaviors. It's not simple, but it's interesting and worthwhile.

As we are doing that, I find myself regularly thinking: "Hmm, I wonder how our interns are doing figuring out their new places?" We smile a lot, ask questions, try to keep our assumptions and biases to a minimum, and happily find that most folk are patient and gracious with us. I trust it's similar for you.

So (although we'll be home by the time you read this), "Hi, from Zhuhai, China."

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