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Ministry in Context

Director's Word: Called to Be Unsettled

"A Gospel that doesn't unsettle, a Word of God that doesn't get under anyone's skin, a Word of God doesn't touch the real sin of the society in which it is being proclaimed, what Gospel is that?" - Oscar Romero

The end of December 2014 brought a congratulatory word from the President of Luther Seminary. She informed me that she had recommended my name to the Board (which they voted on and approved), and that my journey as Director of Contextual Learning would begin on January 1 2015.

As I settle

Internship: Evaluations, Concurrent Clusters, and FE 0200

Interns: As a friendly reminder, do not forget about your midpoint evaluations and other deliverables! You may find a complete list, with deadlines, on our Forms Timeline page. Click here to review our expectations.

Also, are you on a concurrent internship? Don't forget to touch base with Contextual Learning to share your schedule and participate in our upcoming calls with our new director, Tim Coltvet.

Last but not least, are you preparing for internship next year? Don't forget to register for

CPE: Spring Program Reminders

Are you planning for CPE in Fall 2015? Try to submit your applications early and often! Applying by Easter 2015 to multiple locations is optimal. If you are planning for CPE in Summer 2015, spots are running out. Please apply right away to ensure a possible placement.

Please contact Contextual Learning with any questions you may have about the available sites or application process. We're happy to help you with your questions!

Also, if you have been accepted to a program, don't forget to notify

UPDATED: Twin Cities LGBTQIA Advocacy Day and Twin Cities Housing Justice Day!

Are you interested in urban, multicultural, and faith-based social justice immersion? For the Spring 2015 semester, we are excited to reveal our next two Pray and Break Bread trips: Twin Cities LGBTQIA Advocacy Day and Twin Cities Housing Justice Day!

Last semester, Pray and Break Bread took Luther students, faculty, and staff on two exciting urban immersion trips. Our first trip was to explore Minneapolis' local Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faith communities by visiting Masjid An-Nur, Sabes Jewish

Cross-Cultural Education: New SCUPE Courses

Are you interested in a SCUPE course? Please review these updated offerings. For more information, please check out: You may also contact the Registrar for help on signing up for these programs.

SCUPE M 305: Dimensions and Dynamics of Urban Ministry

Organized as a sequence of city-wide experiential learning opportunities, the course introduces students to congregations and faith-based organizations that bring good news through prophetic ministry. Students have the opportunity

Contextual Learning Now Hiring!

Contextual Learning is now hiring a new student worker position: Office Assistant for Contextual Learning! The purpose of this position is the assist Contextual Learning with general office responsibilities, primarily in the areas of office administration and hospitality.


1. Maintain paper filing system.

2. Assist with data entry projects as needed (i.e., reports, spreadsheets, etc.)

3. Assist with opening and resolving Helpdesk tickets as needed (i.e., printer issues, database

Public Speech: A Reflection on Technique by Tim Coltvet

Early in my call as a Christian public leader, I was given some guidelines for public speech. Unlike my Homiletics course (which was ripe with theological and ecclesial background and frameworks), these guidelines came from more of a "technique" angle. Now, I don’t know that I have ever hit on all cylinders with respect to technique! But I do think that these precepts have kept me honest when preparing everything from a sermon to an annual meeting address to teaching Confirmation. Here they

Breaking Bread Together: A Reflection on "Pray and Break Bread" by Katherine Parent

On Friday, October 24, a group of Luther students, staff and faculty experienced a thought-provoking day of interfaith hospitality and community learning on the first Pray and Break Bread trip. Not only was the day an immersion experience in Muslim, Jewish, and Christian interfaith dialogue, it also became a day of learning about local community history. All three sites we visited have deep historical roots in North Minneapolis. As the day unfolded, so did stories about Muslim, Jewish, and Christian

Developing Practical Wisdom: A Reflection on Systems Theory

In the third semester of our Christian Public Leader course for Master of Arts students in the professional degree pathway, we focus on Developing Practical Wisdom while serving in context. Our guide this semester has been the book, Leading Change in the Congregation: Spiritual and Organizational Tools for Leaders by Gilbert Rendle (Alban Institute, 1998).

In our most recent preceptorial for this class, we considered a story coming out of the chapter on general systems theory. It caused us to think

30,000 Feet: Tips and Tricks from Cohort Day 2014

The Fall is off and running and our Contextual Learning team has been delighted to be a part of Cohort Day 2014! At our Cohort Day workshop, a number of valuable insights were shared by our team, and so I would like to take the opportunity to share the “tips and tricks” I shared in my portion of the afternoon workshops. I hope that you find these ideas generative, regardless of the kind of context you are immersed in (CPE, Internship, Christian Public Leader, or something else)!