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Saying Goodbye

At the closing cluster meetings each year, we discuss saying goodbye. This is the advice given to interns at that time. Supervisors hear all of this, but lay committees might find this advice helpful.

1. Talk openly about leaving and your feelings about it.

2. Accept invitations out, even if they were not offered before.

3. Pay outstanding debts in the community.

4. Have a farewell celebration -- accept gifts graciously.

5. Take time to say individual good-byes to special people, one-on-one, before the last day.

6. Say thank you -- especially to your supervisor and lay committee.

7. Attempt to reconcile your broken and damaged relationships before leaving.

8. Be sad if you feel like it; be glad if you feel like it; but try to avoid leaving mad.

9. Avoid illusions about coming back.

10. Complete all written evaluations early enough so as to allow for feedback face-to-face (no parting shots).

11. Recognize there is an element of incompleteness in every internship.

12. Do all you can to ease the beginnings of the next intern.

13. Be thoughtful about your future involvement in the congregation’s on-line social networks, particularly if you have had major responsibilities with youth.


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