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Students at commencement

Ministry in Context

Time to step up

I began service in my first call on July 1, 1967. I was an assistant pastor. The senior pastor took ten

On being influential

While walking through the neighborhood the other day I was discussing the injustice of the world with

The view from the other side

In my “family of origin” we used one particular phrase to describe those people who went to

The glories of chaos

They were a little short on parent volunteers to help with the kindergarten Valentine’s Day party,

Fighting F.O.M.O.

We did a lot of baptisms at the church where I was serving in October 1987. Although we discouraged the

Tacky's vision of success

My old pal Pastor T. Albert “Tacky” Carlson was in town visiting his in-laws over the holidays,

Brave spelling

On the refrigerator door at our son’s house there is a family picture drawn by our grandson Luke,

God's peculiar people

More intelligent people than yours truly might pick out a little Heidegger for leisure reading, but I

Is my call important to you?

I had some business to transact with a large corporation and, reverting to my dinosaur ways, chose to