Placement Process

Understand the lead-up to internship

Contextual Learning arranges all internships. Students who request to restrict geographically will not receive housing support. Students who request to restrict geographically outside of the Twin Cities will not go through the open interview process with prospective supervisors in February and should not expect to receive a placement decision by mid-April.

October: Info session

Attend one Internship and Endorsement Information Session. Internship application form due.

November: Preliminary interviews

Participate in preliminary interviews with Contextual Learning staff.

January (or June): Internship orientation workshop

Participate in one of the on-campus Internship Orientation Workshop (two options: Saturday, Jan 31, 2015 9am-4pm or Saturday, June 13, 2015 9am-4pm). Register for FE 0200 during either J-term or summer term.

February: Review sites, interview with supervisors

You will review available sites, schedule interviews, and interview with site supervisors.

The process for this is as follows:

  • Students who have completed and submitted an internship application can view available sites and schedule interviews with supervisors.
  • Viewing of available sites completed and all interviews with supervisors is scheduled.
  • Interview schedules are confirmed and sent to prospective supervisors; for this reason, not further rescheduling will be possible (except in emergencies).

Please note:  More sites may be added to the list of available sites as we receive their information; check your email for additional interviews with prospective supervisors as they become possible.

For interviews with prospective supervisors, please note the following:

  • Appointments: Please do not contact the supervisor directly to set up your interview.  Sign up for an interview using the Appointments tool.
  • Selections: Students who have indicated that they intend to geographically restrict to the Twin Cities Metro area will interview with Twin Cities area supervisors only.
  • Contact: If you have any questions or concerns after interviewing with a supervisor, please be in touch with your Contextual Learning contact person. Please be aware that while we know that every prospective intern wants to reach out in kindness, hospitality, and desire to connect, we also want to ensure that all prospective interns have the best interview experience possible. So, we ask all interns to avoid contacting supervisors directly. We’ve instituted this policy partly to streamline interview scheduling, but also to create a level playing field for all prospective interns. If some applicants develop communication with pastors independently, then other applicants will not be able to enjoy the same level of communication as decisions are made.
  • Schedules: Whenever possible, select interview times that do not conflict with your classes.  If there are no interview times available for a supervisor with whom you wish to interview, please contact Contextual Learning about adding additional interview times.

March: Submit preferences

As prospective interns and supervisors complete the placement interviews, both interns and supervisors will notify Contextual Learning of their placement preferences online.

Please note the following:

  • In the placement preferences form, interns and supervisors will be asked to rank their choices with accompanying reasons. Space will be available for reflection on each possibility.
  • You will also able to indicate if a site won’t serve you well for internship.

April: Placements completed

Contextual Learning will take into consideration your placement preferences, the prospective supervisors’ reflections, and knowledge of students and sites to make decisions regarding optimal placements for the entire internship class. Students and supervisors will be notified of internship placements via email from Contextual Learning by mid-April.

Before internship: Background check and boundaries workshops

The background check is required prior to the start of internship. This is different than the check completed for entrance into candidacy and/or Luther Seminary and is paid for by Contextual Learning.

The Boundaries Maintenance Workshop is required prior to internship.  If you’ve not completed a Boundaries Maintenance Workshop, three or four workshops are offered each year at Luther Seminary.