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MDivX Financial Guidelines for Partner Sites

Cost to partner site/congregation

Intern Stipend $0 (generously covered by the MDivX grant)
Housing and utilities Determined by local market costs (open placement)
CPE supervision $5,000 (can be split over 2 years)
Car/mileage IRS standard mileage rate
Work expenses By agreement between supervisor and intern
Cohort retreats $500 registration cost borne by partner site/congregation (split over 2 years). Congregation is also responsible for supervisor's travel to/from retreats.
New supervisor orientation $200.00 registration fee; partner site/congregation is responsible for cost of lodging during orientation. Luther Seminary will reimburse for supervisor's travel to/from orientation.
Travel pool $500
Moving expenses See below
Day off & vacation See below

Intern stipend

The stipend meets ELCA requirements and is generously covered by the MDivX grant.

Housing and utility allowance

  • For geographically restricted placements: the following housing or housing allowance requirements are waived. Contact the Office of Contextual Learning if you have any questions about this provision.
  • For open placements: The congregation will provide adequate furnished housing and utilities (including reliable high speed, high quality Internet) or an allowance to provide for both housing and utilities. Separate, private housing is expected. The intern is not to be housed together with a parishioner.

    If housing is not secured in advance by the congregation, the congregation will assist the intern in locating housing and will pay a monthly housing and utility allowance directly to the intern.

    Housing expenses are considered taxable income by the federal government and as such are subject to FICA. The congregation is responsible for paying FICA on the housing portion of the intern's income.

    If housing has been secured but is unfurnished or underfurnished, moving expenses between the internship site and the seminary will be provided by the congregation.

    Please note: This additional moving expense is not intended to be covered by the travel pool. While mileage support is paid to the intern for travel to and from the internship site, it will not cover all moving costs.

    Alternative housing arrangements can be negotiated with the Office of Contextual Learning.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Supervision

The congregation will subsidize the cost of providing ACPE-certified supervisors to work with the MDivX Intern in a congregational setting ($5,000, this can be split over two years).


Business-related travel expenses are to be reimbursed to the intern at the IRS standard mileage rate or as a monthly car allowance.

Work expenses

The congregation will reimburse the intern for approved expenses incurred in his or her work.

Cohort retreats

Two cohort retreats will be held over the 24 months of the MDivX internship, in the fall of the first year and the spring of the second year. The congregation is responsible for the supervisor's registration fees as well as travel to/from the retreats.

New supervisor orientation

All supervisors are required to attend the MDivX Supervisor Orientation session prior to the start of the internship. This orientation will be held on the campus of Luther Seminary Monday May 4 - Wednesday May 6, 2020. The registration fee ($200) and the cost of lodging (variable) is the responsibility of the congregation. The Office of Contextual Learning will reimburse supervisors for their travel costs.

Travel pool fee

Congregational payment for the travel pool is set by the ELCA (not Luther Seminary) at $500. This is payable in the fall of the first year.

  • Travel reimbursement is based on the number of miles between Luther Seminary and the internship site, and the number of dependents accompanying the student. Interns receive checks at the beginning and end of internship. Minimum reimbursement has been set at $150.00.

Moving expenses (for open placements)

  • If a congregation provides unfurnished housing, the student is entitled to some assistance in moving furniture and personal possessions. Normally this means the congregation will pay for the rental of a trailer or a truck. The student is responsible for negotiating this agreement with the congregation.
  • If the congregation has provided furnished housing, the congregation bears no additional responsibility to assist with moving costs for furniture or other personal items.
  • Any agreement regarding reimbursement of moving expense to or from the site must be in writing with a copy provided to the Office of Contextual Learning. All negotiations should be completed before the student leaves for the site.

Day off and vacation time

MDivX interns will receive one day off per week and four weeks of paid vacation (including four weekends) per year. Saturday should be reserved as a Sabbath, but if the intern is required to work on a Saturday then another day should be taken as a Sabbath. Given the intensity and scripted nature of this accelerated program, the windows for taking vacation weeks are predetermined.