Plenary at Mid-Winter Convocation

Mid-Winter Convocation

Convocation 2016

Translating the Reformation: Martin Luther as Pastoral Theologian for Today

Feb. 1-3
Luther Seminary
St. Paul, Minn.

Freshly translated, Luther again emerges as a wise, faithful and compelling guide through our own moment of social and cultural upheaval. We can move forward while looking backward.

Join four world-class and deeply grounded scholars for a bold articulation of Reformation insights amid the questions and concerns of congregational life today.

Registration opens Nov. 2!


2015 Convo: Religious but not spiritual?

Jan. 28-30, 2015
The 2015 Mid-Winter Convocation was framed by lively exchanges between a social scientist, a theologian and a pastor as they reclaimed the vibrancy and authenticity of the distinctly spiritual and religious way of Jesus.

Plenary Sessions:

See Visual Notes from all three presentations by conference participant Steve Thomason, who is a pastor, Ph.D. candidate, illustrator and animator.