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International Student Bios

Congregations and organizations are often interested in inviting Luther Seminary's international students to be present for an event, speak at a forum or program, or come to preach. Here is some information about our international students; please note that a few of them prefer not to be speakers at this time.

For more information about arranging to have an international student speaker, please email the Office of International Student and Scholar Affairs. Please include the date(s), type of presentation (forum, sermon), topic, time frame, church or organization, location, your title and contact information. Please allow at least two-three weeks lead time. You may request a specific student, or a representative from a specific area of the world or country, and we will do our best to accommodate you. We ask that you provide transportation for our students, unless otherwise arranged.

Biographies for our incoming students will be added in September.


Rev. Innocent Webinumen Anthony - Nigeria
M.Th. in Mission and World Religions

Rev. Innocent Webinumen Anthony is an M.Th. student in Mission and World Religions from Adamawa State, Nigeria. He is a pastor with the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria and was serving as a secretary of one of the synods. Upon completion of his studies, he plans to work with the church in strategizing how to do effective mission in the 21st century and mobilizing resources for mission work.

Innocent speaks Chamba, English, and Hausa. He likes athletics, football, making new friends, and travelling. He is available to talk on topics related to mission and discipleship.

Seth Ahmetmu Biwul - Nigeria
M.A. in Systematic Theology

Seth Ahmetmu Biwul is an M.A. student in Systematic Theology from Plateau state, Nigeria. He is a member of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA).  Prior to coming to Luther, he volunteered and served as a junior pastor. Upon completion, he plans to either get fully involved with the church or teach at a seminary.

Seth speaks Miship (Chip), English, and Hausa. He likes listening to music, playing the guiter, traveling, reading, writing, and engaging in theological conversations. He is open to speaking on any topic provided he has a good knowledge of the topic.

Rev. Rhoda Emmanuel Chamshama - Tanzania
Ph.D. in Children, Youth and Family Ministry

Rev. Rhoda Emmanuel Chamshama is a Ph.D. student from the Morogoro region of Tanzania. She is a Lutheran pastor studying Children, Youth, and Family Ministry and has a Master of Philosophy degree from the University of Oslo. Before coming to Luther, she was working as a director of children and youth ministry of her synod and was also a parish pastor. Upon completion of her studies, she plans to engage in the ministry of children, youth and family.

Rhoda is being jointly sponsored by the ELCA Global Mission and Luther Seminary. She speaks Swahili and English and likes singing, reading, walking, and playing with kids.

Tsuwainla "Aien" Jamir - India
M.Th. in Pastoral Theology and Ministry
Tsuwainla "Aien" Jamir

Tsuwainla "Aien" Jamir is from Nagaland, India and speaks the Ao dialect. She is a member of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council and was managing Council events prior to attending Luther Seminary. Aien completed her M.A. in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry in December 2016 and is now pursuing the M.Th.

Aien enjoys gardening, listening to music, and reading. She is excited to study and learn from different communities while at Luther and hopes to return to work with young people and be involved in children's ministry.



Khin Win Kyi - Myanmar
M.Th. in Old Testament

Khin Win Kyi (Dawi Cia) is an M.Th. student in Old Testament from Kalaymyo, Sagaing Division of Myanmar. Her church affiliation is Baptist. Before coming to Luther, she was engaged in pastoral ministry especially among the youth and children in the church. After completing her studies, she plans to resume her office as a pastor and to actively involve herself in whatever ministry God calls her to do.

Dawt speaks Hakha (Chin), Burmese, and English. She likes music and reading and is available to talk on topics related to the church and its missions.

Simeon Momanyi - Kenya
M.Th. in Systematic Theology
Simeon Momanyi

Simeon Momanyi is an M.Th. student from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. He is originally from Nairobi, Kenya, but has spent time as a missionary in the Philippines and studying peace and conflict transformation in Norway. Simeon speaks Kisii, Kikuyu, Exegusii, Tagalog, and Norwegian in addition to English. In his free time Simeon likes listening to music, hiking, reading, and playing sports. He is available to speak to groups about bible study, children and youth ministries, and preaching.

Lidixe Montoyo
M.A. in Leadership and Innovation for Ministry

Lidixe Montoyo is an M.A. student in Leadership and Innovation for Ministry from El Salvador. She is  Lutheran and has a bachelor degree in human resource management with a minor in public health. She plans to support the ministries of the Salvadorian Lutheran Church upon completion of her degree.

Lidixe speaks Spanish and English.  She likes reading, cooking, and travelling. She is available to talk on El Salvador and Lidice.

Htu Nan - Myanmar
M.Th. in New Testament
Htu Nan

Htu Nan is an M.Th. student in New Testament from the Kachin region of Myanmar. She is Baptist and was teaching at Lisu Biblical School for the past two years. After completing her studies, she plans to return to teach at the school.

Htu speaks Lisu, Burmese, and English. She enjoys listening to music and used to play football (soccer, in the U.S.).  She is interested in speaking about the beauty of different cultures.

Olushola “Ola” Oloruntola - Nigeria
M.A. in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry

Olushola “Ola” Oloruntola is an M.A. student in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry from Lagos State, Nigeria. He was a banker in Nigeria and is affiliated with the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Ola plans to establish a church upon completion of his studies and use his knowledge to impact his community and country at large.

Ola speaks English and Yoruba and likes basketball. He is available to talk on topics related to the death, burial, and resurrection Jesus Christ.

Per Christian Olsen - Germany

Per Christian Olsen is a Lutheran student from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. He plans to complete his theological studies in Germany and be ordained as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran of Northern Germany.

Per is being jointly sponsored by the ELCA Global Mission and Luther Seminary. Per speaks German and English and likes rowing, basketball, Christian scout group, and music (guitar). He is interested in talking about how Lutherans all over the world can share their faith and church resources in new ways.

Esther Sianipar - Indonesia
M.A. in Children, Youth and Family Ministry

Esther Sianipar is an M.A. student in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry from Indonesia. Her church affiliation is Huria Kristen Batak Protestant Church (HKBP). She taught Sunday school grades 2, 3 and 4 and was also part of the small group of discipleship, a community fellowship group, and prayer/Bible study. She plans to apply her knowledge, experience, and continuance of faith in the Lord to becoming his follower in any setting.

Esther speaks Indonesian and English and has studied in the U.S. previously; her son is here with her. She likes singing, reading, traveling, counselling, and storytelling. She is available to talk on God’s presence and love, justice, poor of the poorest, children and youth development, diversity, and walking with the Lord (journey of faith and confessing publically).

Rev. Agony Siwela - Zimbabwe

Rev. Agony Siwela is a Ph.D. student from Zimbabwe and is an ordained pastor with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe (ELCZ). He has a ministerial training from United Theological College (Harare) where he later became a lecturer. He plans to teach at the United Theological College or serve at the University of Zimbabwe after completing his studies.

Agony speaks Ndebele, Shona, Zulu, Uenda, Sotho, and English. He likes singing, drumming and learning the piano. He is available to talk on African Traditional Religion/culture, Muslim and Christian dialogue, and church history.