Distributed Learning Program

The Distributed Learning Program is designed for individuals already serving in a ministry setting who desire to begin their theological education without becoming a residential student.

The course curriculum is the same as the two year residential model; however Distributed Learning Student courses are completed by combining short term, face-to-face classes and online coursework. One-half of the required courses are completed online and the remaining courses are completed by attending week-long Academic Intensives and two-week residential January Term courses.

Most students are able to complete the required 18 courses in a four year time period. This model is referred to as the Distributed Learning Program in Children, Youth and Family, (DL) and has been approved by ATS (Association of Theological Schools) as of November 2002.

It is required that DL students be working and active in a supervised ministry setting as our courses depend on students being active in the context of ministry. Integration of theological learning and context of ministry is aided by the collaborative direction of an assigned mentor and CYF staff. Students who apply for and are approved into the Distributed Learning program can anticipate a minimum of three weeks per year of face to face intensive course work away from their context of ministry.

Both the residential and the Distributed Learning Program share the same core course curriculum taught by the same Luther faculty. There are additional non-credit requirements and an e-learning orientation that is required for all DL students.