CYF Residential Concentration

The residential concentration in Children, Youth and Family ministry is designed for individuals who are interested in a ministry to young people and their families in either a church or para-church ministry context. This degree program provides theology, theory and practice in a holistic educational environment.

In addition to the curriculum, each student may be placed in a local church or youth ministry organization where the student will work approximately 20 hours per week. This placement, if provided, provides the student a part-time employment for their two years of study. The cost to the host congregation is approximately $15,000 per year.

The CYF staff supervises this placement, and is responsible for these ministry placements. While in the program, every student is also connected to a personal educational mentor. These mentors assist in personal support and integration of ministry experience and theological education.

M.A. or M.Div.

There are two major groups of residential students studying in Children, Youth and Family Ministry. Our Master of Arts students (M.A.) take 18 courses over a two year period of time while on our campus. Most of these students are placed in a local church or youth ministry contextual setting.

We have a significant group of students that are studying to be Pastors in the church and are choosing to concentrate their elective courses in CYF Ministry. The M.Div. student will take three of their elective courses and their education course requirement in the concentration of CYF and YM (Youth Ministry) course offerings.